Office en suite

interior design office space

Office en suite is an interior proposal for the new office of Synchroon developers in the WTC building in Utrecht. The design is a hybrid between the open office garden and the cell office. Through a series of programmatically loaded walls the space is divided in one direction into different office spaces, while an open office is realized in the other direction. By materializing each wall differently, a barcode is created for different atmospheres and functions.

array of different type of walls
array of different type of walls

All secondary functions of the office (cupboard space, wardrobe, kitchen, telephone areas) are concentrated in the walls, leaving the space in between open and flexible. A wide range of different working atmospheres is possible: closed concentration areas, collective project spaces, open-plan offices and closed work rooms


  • Assignment

    interior design office space

  • Year 2018-
  • Location Utrecht
  • Program office
  • Status competition
  • Team
    • Thijs van Bijsterveldt
    • Oana Rades
    • Harm Timmermans
    • Zoé Renaud
    • Dimitris Chatziioakeimidis