Office enfilade

interior design

Office enfilade proposes a new interior design for the former “Kitchen building” of the monestary complex of the Oude Dijk Tilburg. The new office for developer van der Weegen offers an opportunity to create a tailor-made interior to the organization and its core values, as well as to the monumental building.


walls – rooms – wood paneling

The spatial structure is characterized by the classical typology of the enfilade: a series of connecting rooms. The enfilade as an office typology is a cross over between the opposites of the collective office garden and that of the individualistic cell office. She therefore potentially incorporates the ideal balance between meeting, cooperation and contact on the one hand and concentration and tranquility on the other.

To make the diversity of functions, atmospheres, floors and business units into a powerful whole, we introduce the interior concept of 3D classical wall panels. This basically consists of a uniform wooden lining for the passageways as well as the lower part of the high walls. This accentuates the enfilade and forges all spaces together through paneling or high plinth and also incorporates fixed furniture and furniture walls.


  • Assignment

    interior design

  • Year 2019
  • Client

    Van der Weegen bouwontwikkeling

  • Location Tilburg
  • Program Office
  • Status competition
  • Team
    • Thijs van Bijsterveldt
    • Oana Rades
    • Harm Timmermans
    • Philip de Klerk
    • Tom van Loon
    • Marinda Verschoor