10.13 Makeover of Amsterdam house is halfway

The construction for the makeover of a typical Amsterdam family house is starting to show the first glimpses of the end result. After Vertical Loft, this project is the second do-it-yourself dwelling in Shifts portfolio. It consists of a complete redesign of a early 1900’s house consisting of 3 floors.

09.13 Final presentation and exhibition Studio Sport at the New Institute

Shift presents the final results of their research ‘Studio Sport’ on the 23rd of September in the New Institute (former NAi). With the presentation and the accompanying exhibition Shift shows how, why and where sports should be mobilized to boost urban quality. The core of the research consists of six case studies that have been done in collaboration with the municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague. The event is rounded off by a discussion with prominent representatives from the field of spatial planning and/or sport, the launch of the website www.sportspace.eu and the opening of the Studio Sport exhibition in the New Institute.

The research is made possible by the Dutch Stimulation Fund for Creative Industries, the Mondriaan Fund, the New Institute and NOC*NSF.

There is still a limited amount of seats available for the event. Please contact office@shifta.nl for reservations.


06.13 Mini symposium Sport in the City

Shift is invited to lecture and discuss their nearly finished research ‘Studio Sport’ at the mini symposium ‘Sport in the City’ on June 20, organized by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund.

During the mini symposium several researchers will talk about the role of sports in urban design. The objective is to inspire spatial planners, designers and policymakers of municipalities, provinces and the country to increase the sport participation with spatial interventions in the city.

Subscription for the symposium is possible via the website of the Creative Industries Fund. (unfortunately Dutch only)


06.13 Reactivate!

Shift participates with two built projects, Faculty Club and Vertical Loft, in the exhibition ‘Radicale lokaliteit; Actueel potentieel’ in the Timmerfabriek, Maastricht.

The show, organized by Bureau Europa, consists of three exhibitions that investigate the meaning of the ‘local’ and the role of architecture in our globalizing world. Shift is part of the exhibition ‘Reactivate!’, that manifests contemporary influences, tendencies and changes in architecture.


05.13 Indoor Farming

Shift, in collaboration with Plantlab / Plenty50, presents the results of the research on indoor farming for the government architect Frits van Dongen and his team. Apart from a thorough analysis of the current global food system and the emerging initiatives for local plant produce, the study has resulted in a variety of spatial strategies for the implementation of the indoor plant production technology in the urban environment.

Shift is currently part of an investigation with Plantlab and Atelier Rijsbouwmeester that researches the realization of a concrete pilot project on indoor farming in the Netherlands.

04.13 Shift narratives

Shift is invited to reflect on their practice at the Archilecture series organized by the Architecture Center Eindhoven together with Casa Vertigo of the TU/e. The lecture series, featuring Juliette Bekkering, Bettina Kraus and Oana Radeş, aims to portray how architectural agendas meet reality in three current practices.


02.13 1st phase Jozefzorg nearing completion

The first phase of Jozefzorg, a large scale redevelopment project of an outdated elderly care complex in Tilburg, is about to be delivered. In 2008, team DAT architecten and Shift won the invited competition with a bold scheme that reorganized the site by means of a meandering urban figure. We are happy to report that the strong urban form and its rigid architectural articulation has survived the process of optimization.

02.13 Jury Red Dot Award product design 2013

Oana Radeş is invited as jury member at the Red Dot Award: product design 2013. The product design competition exists since 1955. Its award, the ‘red dot’, is an internationally recognised quality seal.

The adjudication process follows a canon of strict criteria, which is constantly adapted to the latest findings in formal, technical, manufacturing, societal, industrial and ecological requirements.


01.13 Indoor Farming

Shift, in collaboration with Plantlab / Plenty50, researches the potential of indoor plant production technology for urban farming. High tech indoor farming potentially allows for a paradigm shift in the production and distribution of food towards a decentralized and local model. Commissioned by Atelier Rijksbouwmeester, Shift explores spatial scenarios of indoor farming in relation to the city and its hinterland.


01.13 Studio Sport @ master INSIDE

Thijs van Bijsterveldt and Oana Radeş round of ‘Studio Sport’ within the space program of the INSIDE master. The studio’s aim was to reasearch how sports can contribute to the reanimation of a large empty office building in the center of the Hague. Since September 2012, Shift is permanently involved with INSIDE, the two-year Master Interior Architecture program at the Royal Academy in the Hague.